Plum Swaddle

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Made from the unbelievably soft and stretchy organic cotton fabric that our oversized headbands and organic range is made from, these baby swaddles are sure to impress both you and your little one. 

Designed to be used as a swaddle, basinett sheet, cot top sheet or to cover your pram when out and about. Our 4 way stretch fabric allows your baby to move but not wriggle out. 


Swaddling or wrapping is an important tool for parents that can be used to calm and settle a baby and promotes back sleeping as recommended by SIDS research. 

Benefits of safe swaddling: 

- Reduces crying time

- Shortens periods of distress 

- Can lessen your babies response to pain

- Improves sleep by lessening spontaneous arousals. This is because it prevents your baby from waking from its own startle reflex (you know when they throw their hands up like they are throwing out gang signs?) 

- Swaddling is especially important for preterm babies as it can improve neuromuscular development.


How to swaddle safely according to Red Nose:(


- After swaddling ensure baby is placed on their back with their feet at the bottom of the cot

- Swaddle baby from below the neck, face uncover with no donnas, pillows, cot bumpers ect in the sleeping area

- Use only lightweight wraps such as cotton or muslin

- Swaddle should be firm but still allow for hip flexion (moving legs) and chest wall movement.

- Make sure baby is not overdressed under the swaddle

- Bed sharing is not recommended

- Modify your swaddling techniques to meet baby development: Arms should be free once the 'startle' reflex has ceased at approximately 3 months and allow for self soothing with hands

- Cease swaddling for sleeping when your baby shows signs of beginning to roll 


92% Organic Cotton 8% Spandex

Designed in Australia

Made in Indonesia 


Care instructions:

Hand wash or gentle machine wash

First wash separately or with like colours

Do not bleach

Line dry

Dry in shade

Warm iron on reverse side